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Getting your home inspected will save you time and money.

Termites can invade your home for years undetected if it’s not regularly inspected. If you know what to look for, you can sometimes catch them before the damage is too prevalent. Or, if you don’t, you might not catch them until your floorboards are soft and squishy.


Who should have their home inspected:

  • If you own a home
  • If you are buying a home
  • If you are selling a home
  • If you are renting a home
  • If termites are a concern to your family, health, or property

Home Pest Control offers the best and most affordable pest control service in Columbia, Charleston SC and surrounding areas of the Midlands and Low Country. Our first-class termite extermination program is effective and long lasting. Sign up today for a termite inspection and someone from our team will contact you to set it up!