Termite Control

Termites are a homeowner's worst nightmare. With Continuous Protection featuring the Sentricon® System and its Always Active Technology, Home Pest can eliminate the worry 24/7/365. Protect your home with your effective termite control strategies. 

Sentricon® Termite Control

Here at Home Pest Control, our team of highly qualified pest control experts can take care of your termite problem quickly and easily. With the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, you can rest easy knowing that your home is permanently protected against termites.






The Sentricon® system is both highly effective and environmentally responsible. It’s been the number one choice of homeowners around the country for years, and is used to protect such valuable structures as the White House, the Statue of Liberty, and Independence Hall. In fact, Sentricon® is preferred by consumers 3-to-1 over the next leading termite control system.

Sentricon® doesn’t eliminate individual termites: it knocks out the whole colony. With more than 30 University studies, 45 published scientific articles, and 15+ years of real world success demonstrating its effectiveness, Sentricon® is far and away the best choice for protecting your home from termites.


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Environmentally Friendly Termite Treatment

On top of being highly effective, this termite control system is also incredibly environmentally friendly. Unlike other bait systems, Sentricon® can be used around wells and cisterns. It uses just a few grams of its active ingredient, all of which is fully contained with the system’s bait stations. As a result, there’s no risk of exposure or groundwater contamination. You can rest assured that your family’s water will continue to stay clean and safe to drink. Additionally, Sentricon® is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative and has received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.





Protect Your Home with Termite Control

The first step toward a termite-free home is a professional home termite inspection. After more than 50 years of experience protecting families all across the great state of South Carolina, Home Pest Control has the know-how to conduct a thorough, comprehensive examination of your home. We’ll determine whether any termites are present, and what steps to take if necessary to ensure that the structure of your home stays intact for years to come.


When you’re ready to take the next step, call us for your risk-free inspection. At Home Pest Control, we’re dedicated to Protecting What Matters! Call us today to get started with termite control.



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