Roach Control

Cockroaches are not only unsightly pests but can be carriers of multiple disease-causing bacteria. In short, they're just not something you want in your home. 

Say Good-bye To Cockroaches

South Carolina is no stranger to pests of all shapes and sizes. While some people might call it by a different name, cockroaches are one of the most unwanted house guests. Knowing how to identify these pests is the first step to getting rid of them. To help avoid confusion, here are the main differences between the American Cockroach, water bugs, and palmetto bugs.


One of our specialists can identify the source of roaches, such as cracks in windows and doors, gutters and other openings. We can suggest the right plan for you to make your home safe and hygienic again.


American Cockroaches


American cockroaches are the largest species of common roach. This particular species is found all over the world. They grow to an average length of 1.6 inches, can travel across the ground quickly and even have wings. They are incredibly resilient and can even survive for a week without their head. 


Roaches are not only unsightly pests, but can be carriers of multiple disease-causing bacteria thus causing a serious health threat. Their droppings and body parts can trigger asthma and allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. Safeguarding your home by identifying and sealing small cracks for access and ensuring that your home is clean and sanitary are two big steps towards preventing an infestation.  


Water Bugs


The term “water bug” or “waterbug” is incorrectly used to refer to a wide variety of insects. True water bugs are referred to as such because they actually live on or in water. Common examples include the giant water bug, creeping water bug and backswimmer, all of which use their specially-designed legs as small paddles to move through water.


All true water bugs belong to the scientific order Hemiptera. Cockroaches, on the other hand, belong to the order Blattodea. Even though they can survive in water for an extended period of time because of their hardy disposition, cockroaches are not aquatic insects and cannot be considered true water bugs.


Palmetto Bugs


While the term “palmetto bug” can be used to refer to one particular breed of cockroach, the term has become widespread and is now often used interchangeably with “cockroach.” True palmetto bugs are better known as the Florida woods cockroach. These insects get their name because they like to hide under the leaves of palmetto trees, a type of palm tree native to Florida.

The Florida woods cockroach can reach a length anywhere between 1.2 and 1.6 inches. When frightened, the adults can spray a foul smelling liquid up to three feet away! This has also earned them the name skunkroach or stinkroach. While they can sometimes find their way into residential areas, most prefer to live in dead trees, woodpiles and stumps.


How Do Roaches Get In My House?


Roaches can enter through cracks and crevices around windows, doors and plumbing. They often enter by way of shipped packages, groceries, soft-drink cases, used appliances, rugs and furniture, too.


Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Roaches Forever?


No. Roaches can be eliminated, but re-infestation can occur, depending on the species and where your home is located. The roaches common to the Carolinas continually try to enter structures, so it’s important that your home be treated with a regular preventative program.




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