Yellow Fever Mosquito

Yellow Fever Mosquito

Yellow fever mosquitoes can be dark brown or black, with silver or whitish markings. They have thin bodies which measure about ⅛” and a pair of relatively large wings.

Yellow fever mosquitoes are a very common mosquito, and they’re of particular concern to humans because of their recent association with the spread of Zika virus. They feed on human blood, which they require for energy, and can carry Zika virus from person to person. As opposed to other mosquitoes which prefer to hunt during dusk and dawn, yellow fever mosquitoes will hunt at any time of day. They like warm and tropical climates, and can sometimes be found in temperate areas. To keep these dangerous mosquitoes away from your home and family, make sure that you don’t have any structures on your property which can accumulate standing water, such as bird baths, old car tires, or non-irrigated ponds. Yellow fever mosquitoes will breed in stagnant water during warmer months.

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