Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

These spiders are found throughout the United States, and can be identified by their coloring, which is brown with lighter whitish or yellow markings. They have eight legs, and can range in size from ¼” to 1 ⅜” depending on their sex and age.

While they do occasionally bite, wolf spiders aren’t particularly dangerous to humans. They may bite a person if touched, but only out of self protection. As a matter of fact, wolf spiders can be beneficial to have in your yard because they eat common garden pests. Wolf spiders can be found outside under rocks and forest debris. They’re a commonly spotted spider, but rarely enter the home unless they find their way in while looking for a snack. Regardless, wolf spider infestations are far from common. To keep these spiders out of hour home, simply make sure that there are not any visible cracks or holes in your doors or windows.

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