Powderpost Beetle

Powderpost Beetle

Powderpost beetles can be identified by their long, narrow, and flat reddish-brown bodies. Measuring ⅛ to ¼ of an inch in length, their flat bodies are well suited to burrow into a variety of wooden materials. Adult beetles have wings and will often fly towards sources of light. Oval in shape, these beetles have two antenna and six legs, and they can be found throughout the United States.

These pests are most active at night and can be found living in floors, antique furniture, and other hardwood objects. Powderpost beetle infestations can be incredibly damaging and hard to get rid of. The destruction that powderpost beetles are capable of is second only to termites, according to research. To prevent damage to your wooden furniture and other goods, make sure you consistently inspect your home for signs of powderpost beetles. If you’ve found evidence of this insect, contact an experienced exterminator immediately.

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