Merchant Grain Beetle

Merchant Grain Beetle

Merchant grain beetles are generally 1/10” long, although they can sometimes grow larger. They have brown bodies, two antennas, six legs, and they’re narrow and oval shaped. These beetles are found throughout the United States.

Contrary to their name, merchant grain beetles do not feed on all grain products. Instead they tend to feed on cereal foods such as breads, pastry mixes, boxes of cereal, or dry pastas. The small size and shape of their bodies allow these beetles to easily penetrate boxes of cereal and pasta, where they’ll feast and reproduce. Warehouses and other large supplies of cereal products are also susceptible to outbreaks of this pest. If left unaddressed, merchant grain beetles can infest large amounts of stored food. To prevent infestation in your pantry or warehouse, make sure to carefully check all stored products periodically. Keep your storage and cooking spaces clean and free of grains and food products.

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