House Mice

House Mice

House mice may be cute to some, but they can carry dangerous diseases, and need to be addressed as a serious issue. They’re small and grey, with cream-colored stomachs. Their ears are large and round, with a small amount of fur on them. The bodies of house mice are 2 ½” to 3 ¼” long. They have 4 legs, and thin tails which are just as long as their bodies.

You can find many clues that you may have a house mouse problem. The first sign is, of course, seeing a mouse itself. Seeing one pest is always a sign that there may be more. Even if you haven’t seen a mouse, if you see small droppings and tiny chew marks around your home, you may have a mouse issue. You might also see oily marking along walls where house mice frequently travel, accompanied by the previously mentioned chew marks and droppings. If you notice that cereal and grain containers in your pantry have been chewed open, check for other signs of house mice. House mice carry many diseases that are incredibly dangerous to humans, including salmonella, and their feces and urine can cause allergic reactions. Call a professional if you think you have a house mice infestation.

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