European Hornet

European Hornet

The european hornet is a large hornet, ranging in length from ¾” to 1 ½”. Their bodies are brown, with a lighter face and distinct yellow bands around their abdomen. They have a robust abdominal structure.

European hornets are found in 31 states. Their habitat ranges from the East Coast, west through the Dakotas, and then south, notably in Iowa, Illinois, and New Orleans. European Hornets are known to invade cracks in homes or holes in trees, where they’ll build their papery grey nests. Sometimes they’ll extend these nests out into the open, making it clear that you’ve got an infestation. If a crack in your home or a tree on your property is large enough, however, their nest could remain hidden. Never try to get rid of european hornets on your own, because their stings can cause huge welts, and they’re able to sting over and over again. If you want to prevent attracting european hornets to your property, watch over your fruit trees carefully, and pick up fruit as soon as it falls on the ground. Change your outdoor lights to yellow-colored light, which doesn’t attract european hornets at night. Most importantly, take take of a hornet infestation before it becomes a huge problem.

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