Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees have a round body structure similar to bumble bees, but they generally don’t have the same yellow coloring. There is one species of carpenter bee which has the same yellow coloring as bumble bees. Carpenter bees tend to have more metallic coloring on their abdomen, and a variety of colors are expressed by the 7 known species in the US.

The biggest difference between carpenter bees and other types of bees is that carpenter bees are solitary creatures, whereas bumble bees and other types live in colonies. Carpenter bees get their name from how they burrow into wood. They drill holes into wood in order to create tunnels in wooden siding, eaves, and other structures. Unstained and untreated wood is at the greatest risk of a carpenter bee infestation, but they’ve been known to burrow into treated wood as well. Carpenter bees can cause serious structural damage and should be addressed immediately. If you see holes in wooden structures and think that they could have been made by a bee, contact a professional for a complete evaluation.

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