Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs look slightly different depending on whether they’re unfed, or engorged with blood. When they haven’t fed, they’re flat and mahogany. Once they’ve fed on blood, they puff up, elongate, and take on a more reddish color. Adults are about ¼” long. Bed bug nymphs are whitish, and almost colorless. They’re 1 to 5 mm long.

You’re much more likely to see and experience signs of bed bugs than the insects themselves. You may begin to notice red itchy bumps all over your body. On your bedding, you’ll see small spots of blood and fecal matter. If you lift your sheets, you may see more, and could spot young bed bugs or bed bug eggs. Bed bugs don’t carry known diseases, but they multiply quickly, spread easily, and cause intense itching. They can live in cracks in your walls or floors, behind electrical outlets and in any other furniture. It’s important not to try to eradicate them yourself, as an incomplete job can make the problem worse. Contact a professional if you have bed bugs.

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