Asian Tiger Mosquito

Asian Tiger Mosquito

Asian tiger mosquitoes are distinct and easy to identify. They’re black with white or silvery markings, and have a light stripe going all the way down their back, which is where their name comes from. Their back legs are long, prominent, and striped with an alternating black and white pattern.

Asian tiger mosquitos come originally from southeast Asia, but they can now be found throughout the southern United States. They reproduce in warm standing water, and can carry diseases such as dengue fever, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and chikungunya. There are several ways to identify whether you have a problem with these pests. The females, which are the only ones that bite, can find you by detecting the carbon dioxide you breathe out, and they have a distinctly high pitched buzzing sound when they fly. With this said, they may still make it to your body and bite you before you notice. Reactions to the bites can be mild or severe, ranging from a bit of itching, to a swollen area around the bite. Make sure that you keep screens in your windows during warmer months, remove standing water from your property so that they can’t reproduce, and wear insect repellent or long sleeves when you’re out of the house to keep these dangerous pests away.

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