Mosquito Protection


Mosquito Control for Columbia, Lexington, Charleston, Summerville and surrounding areas

Mosquito Control & Protection in Columbia SC

How to get rid of mosquitoes? Is that a question that plagues you each spring and summer when you and your family try to sit on your back deck and enjoy a sunny day?

Mosquitoes affect all of South Carolina, and especially the Columbia Midlands and Charleston’s Low country. If you are in these surrounding areas, Home Pest Control’s has a mosquito control & treatment strategy that will allow you and your family to enjoy your time outside (as well as inside), and keep the mosquitoes from ruining your parties, events, or just a relaxing day by the pool.

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Mosquito Yard Spray – Outside Mosquito Control

Call us to schedule a time for Home Pest Control’s trained exterminators to come to your home, business or event location and eliminate mosquitoes. See what our current customers say about our mosquito control and treatment services

How to Help Control Mosquitoes

You can also help foster a mosquito-free environment. These quick tips, plus Home Pest Control’s mosquito treatment services will help keep your home free of mosquitoes year-round:

  • Standing Water: Mosquitoes are born in the smallest areas of standing water. If you have cups, bowls, coolers or other containers around the outside of your home, sitting open, allowing rain to settle in them – dump them out quickly. Birdbath water should be replaced frequently to avoid mosquitoes laying eggs in standing water.
  • Clogged Gutters: Not only can clogged gutters lead to possible termite damage, they are a breeding environment for mosquitoes too. Standing water fills up the gutter, and because you probably aren’t on your roof daily, you don’t know that that mosquitoes are laying eggs in your gutters. Keeping them clean is one more way to help prevent them in the first place.
  • Weeds: Columbia and Charleston can get hot, no, really hot. So even mosquitoes escape the heat by hiding in the shade of weeds around your home. That’s just one more reason to get rid of those weeds.

If you feel that you may have mosquitoes or have seen them outside (or inside) we’ll come and assess where the mosquitoes are, and help you decide the best course of action to get rid of them.

Give us a call in Columbia and the Midlands at 803-794-7378 (PEST) or Charleston and the Lowcountry at 843-881-3636 to schedule an mosquito inspection today.