Get Ready for Winter

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How-to Winterize Your Home


Winter is here, and it’s time to get your home ready! Here in South Carolina, winter pests are a major concern. Winterizing your home will reduce your risk of winter pests and give you an opportunity to tidy up before the cold weather sets in. Check out the tips below to winterize your home.

1. Declutter

Pests love clutter: it’s like an invitation to take up residence. Any sort of clutter around the outside of your home should be cleaned up and removed before winter sets in.


2. Check Your Gutters

Are your gutters full of leaves and twigs? Mice, squirrels, and insects are attracted to messy gutters -- and it’s just a short trip from your gutters into your home. Pick a day with clear weather and set aside some time to clean your gutters.


3. Inspect Water Pipes

Do you have water pipes entering your home via your basement or crawl space? There’s often a gap between the pipe and the wall, allowing pests to gain entry to your home. Consider insulating around these gaps to keep unwanted pests out.


4. Address Moisture Issues

Pests are drawn to moisture, and a damp basement or crawl space can act like a pest magnet. Install a dehumidifier if needed, and fix any pipes that might be leaking.


5. Tidy Up Your Roof

Is there debris on your roof? Are you experiencing any leaks? Any gaps around your chimney? Take care of these issues before the weather gets cold.


6. Clean Up the Yard

A yard covered in leaves and branches offers pests a place to hide. Rake up your leaves and dispose of them. If you need to pile them up, make sure you pile them away from your home. The same goes for mulch and firewood: don’t store it right next to your home.


7. Seal Your Home

Go around the outside of your home to check for any cracks or gaps, particularly around pipes, doors, windows, and areas where cabling enters your home. Seal up these areas with an appropriate material to keep pests out.




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