Pest-Proof for Spring

Here are 7 ways to prevent pests from infesting your home or yard this season. Download a copy of your own to help you knock out these pest-proofing tasks.

How-To Pest-Proof Your Home This Spring



Spring cleaning season is officially here. While you’re busy making your list of cleaning tasks, don’t forget to include these crucial pest-proofing tips! The best part about these? They’ll make your home and yard look great, while also preventing unwanted pests.

1. Eliminate sources of standing water around your house.

Birdbaths, wheelbarrows and clogged gutters are all potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Eliminate moisture where you can to prevent unnecessary mosquito populations.


2. Keep food containers sealed.

Clean up the kitchen immediately after preparing meals, and also ensure your pets’ food is put away. If the food is good enough for you and your fur babies, it is surely good enough for cockroaches and ants!


3. Seal up potential entry points.

Fill any open spaces around air conditioning units, windows and doors with caulk, copper wool or hardware mesh. Insects and rodents can fit through surprisingly tight openings.


4. Don’t miss garbage day!

Whether you have your garbage and recycling picked up by a service, or you take it to the dump yourself, stay on top of this routine. Having trash pile up indoors and outdoors is a surefire way to attract pests.


5. Stay on top of yard work.

Tree branches and overgrown shrubbery act as bridges for pests to gain access into the home. There should be at least one foot between your home and vegetation.


6. Keep your space decluttered.

Did you ever think about how spring cleaning can prevent pests? Clutter, especially in moist areas like a basement, can be a wonderful hiding spot for pests.


7. Delegate.

You already have a full schedule as it is, don’t go at pest control alone. Give us a call and let us help you protect what matters.



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Pest Proof This Spring

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