How to Kill Ants Once and For All

While ants are helpful for the environment, they become a pest when they enter your home or make your yard difficult to enjoy. Learn how to get rid of ants in your home or yard with these tips.

How-To Get Rid of Ants


An ant infestation can get out of hand quickly. They travel in groups, and depending on the species, a colony can consist of millions of ants! Learn how to prevent ants with these tips.

1. Keep a tidy home free of food sources.

Sweep and vacuum regularly, and wipe down surfaces like kitchen counters and tables thoroughly. Ants can detect even the slightest bit of crumbs!



2. Put your garbage disposal to use.

If possible, use your garbage disposal rather than letting food sit in the trash can. Take the trash out promptly once full.



3. Store your food properly.

Use airtight containers to store food when possible. Pay attention to residue on the sides of jars and other storage containers, and clean them up regularly.



4. Avoid over-the-counter ant sprays.

Save your time and money and avoid over-the-counter ant sprays. They are not an effective long-term solution, and can be harmful if not applied correctly.



5. Erase their scent trails.

For ants with a nest outside your home, simply eliminating their scent trails may be enough to solve your ant problem.



6. Find the queen.

The queen is responsible for populating the entire nest. Eliminating ants in one area of your home won’t get to the root of the infestation as the queen will simply replace those ants.



7. Create a prevention plan with pest control professionals.

Your best bet for getting rid of ants is working with a pest control professional to eliminate the infestation. You can also set up a recurring pest control plan to keep other pests, in addition to ants, out of your home and yard.








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