Home Shield Pest Prevention Service

home pest prevention service columbia scYour family, your health, your home…

Combine them and you have your world. With your world comes responsibility such as the need to keep it safe. One way to accomplish this is to keep your home free from pest infestations. Insects play an important role in the earth’s eco-system, but when they threaten your world and become pests… it is time for action.

Best Pest Control Solution in Columbia, SC

Our Home Shield Pest Prevention Service is one of the best pest control solutions in Columbia, SC. It prevents pest entry into your home by focusing outside, where pests live and breed. It’s convenient because you don’t have to be home and there are no interruptions to your schedule or lifestyle. It’s guaranteed or your money back!

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Evolved and Improved Into a More Precise Science

In the past, Pest Prevention just meant the application of pesticides to eliminate pests. Over the years, Pest Prevention has evolved and improved into a more precise science. Through Research and Development, leading manufacturers and pest management professionals have been refining products and methods in order to successfully eliminate target pests with the lowest impact on non-target pests and the environment. Home Pest Control continues in moving forward to create the next level of Pest Prevention. A solution based on your family and the environment.

Integrated Pest Prevention

Remember this is your world and in your world, there are options that can benefit your family. At the top of the list is something called Integrated Pest Prevention, an environmentally sensitive, Eco-friendly pest control solution that can provide the pest protection you want and your world deserves.