Cockroach FAQs

Cockroaches aren’t just unpleasant to have in your home: they can also carry dangerous diseases. Find answers to common questions about roaches below.

Your Questions Answered

Q: Why do I have a cockroach infestation?

A: In some cases, cockroaches are drawn to a home due to messy conditions: open food containers, dirty counters, and so on. Sometimes, though, roaches will invade a home simply because it’s easily accessible. Homes with a large number of cracks (such as openings around windows, doors, pipes, and so on) are particularly susceptible to roach invasions.


Q: Are cockroaches dangerous?


A: No one likes the idea of their kitchen crawling with roaches, but cockroaches are more than just unpleasant. They can in fact pose a hazard to human health. Cockroaches are known to carry various bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. These microorganisms can be transmitted to humans through contaminated food, resulting in serious illness. Additionally, cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions and asthma in sensitive individuals.


Q: How do I eliminate American cockroaches?


A: Also known as Palmetto bugs, American cockroaches are generally drawn to humidity. This means that they tend to show up in your crawl space, drains, basement, and other damp areas. Effectively eliminating this pest requires paying close attention these parts as your home, as well as reducing humidity levels indoors wherever possible. It’s also important to seal the outside of your home to prevent future invasions. The less accessible your home is to roaches, the less likely you are to encounter problems in the future.


Q: What’s the best way to get rid of German cockroaches?


A: Cockroaches are notorious for how quickly they can breed: a colony can grow from a minor nuisance to a full scale infestation in a very short period of time. German cockroaches are the worst of all when it comes to reproduction rate, making them particularly difficult to control. For this reason, products available to consumers are rarely successful in eliminating this type of roach. Contact a Home Pest Control professional for assistance.


Q: Can I get rid of cockroaches using baits?


A: A common means of treating a roach infestation involves placing bait stations around the home. Roaches are drawn to the poisonous bait and die after ingesting it. While this can be an effective strategy for getting rid of roaches, it’s rarely adequate on its own. Instead, baits should be combined with other treatment approaches. A Home Pest Control professional will be able to assess your home and determine the best way to eliminate roaches.



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