Bed Bug Prevention

You never know where bed bugs may be lurking! Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to check your hotel or Airbnb for bed bugs, and avoid bringing them back home with you.

How-To Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs


Bed bugs love to travel host to host, and hotels are one of their favorite places to take up residence and latch onto unwary travelers. Here are five tips to avoid bringing home these pesky hitchhikers.

1. Set luggage aside and inspect the room.

Upon arrival, store all luggage in the bathroom while you closely inspect bedding and furniture.



2. Look for reddish bugs or rust colored spots.

Examine bed sheets, mattresses and box spring seams for tiny, reddish bugs or rust-colored spots.



3. Get your flashlight out for a closer look.

Lift the mattress and use a flashlight (the one on your phone will do) to check underneath for any bed bugs.



4. Keep luggage off the ground.

Even if you haven’t spotted any bed bugs, keep your luggage off the ground by using a luggage rack, table or other hard surface.



5. Dry your clothes once you’re home.

When you get home, immediately dump all your clothes in the dryer and turn on high heat for 30 minutes to kill any bed bugs that managed to hitchhike.



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