When is Mosquito Season in South Carolina?

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Mosquito Season is Coming: Check Out These Mosquito Prevention and Mosquito Control Tips

Here in South Carolina, mosquitoes can be a year-round problem. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a quiet evening out on your porch, only to end up covered in bites.

That said, though, there are certain times of year when mosquitoes can be particularly bothersome. But if you plan ahead and implement professional mosquito control ahead of time, you can avoid a major infestation once mosquito season starts. Below, we’ll take a look at when mosquito season actually occurs here in South Carolina, as well as some pest control tips to help you get rid of mosquitoes in and around your home.

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When Is Mosquito Season in South Carolina?

Depending on where you are in the country, mosquito season can be longer or shorter. In South Carolina, the season generally lasts from March through September -- in other words, for about half of the year.

What makes our mosquito season so long, and why does it start so early? There are a few contributing factors:

  • Warm temperatures: Mosquitoes thrive in warmer weather. Here in South Carolina, the temperatures start to rise fairly early in the year, and we continue to experience warm weather later into the year. This makes for a longer mosquito season.
  • Rain and humidity: Like many other pests, mosquitoes prefer humid conditions. The rainy, humid climate in South Carolina creates perfect conditions for mosquitoes, resulting in a lengthy mosquito season.
  • Mild winters: A long, cold winter can both put a dent in the pest population and push back the start of mosquito season. Given that we tend to have short, mild winters in South Carolina, it’s no surprise that mosquito season starts so early.


When to Start with Mosquito Control

Mosquito eggs can begin to hatch as soon as temperatures reach 50°F. As a result, it’s important to begin taking measures for mosquito prevention early in the year: that is, no later than March or April.

The earlier you get started with mosquito control, the easier it will be to keep the population around your home to a minimum throughout the summer months. Learn more about when to start with mosquito control here.


Home Maintenance Tips for Mosquito Prevention

In addition to professional mosquito control services, there are some simple steps you can take for mosquito prevention around your home:

  • Eliminate standing water: Mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs in standing water, and a single female mosquito can lay up to 100 eggs at a time. If you have standing water around your home, you could end up with thousands of mosquitoes hatching in early spring. By eliminating standing water, you’ll make it harder for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs near your home, effectively cutting down on the number of mosquitoes you encounter.
  • Keep drains and gutters clear: Many homeowners eliminate large sources of standing water -- for example, buckets or empty flower pots that have filled with rain water -- but forget that there can be small amounts of standing water in their drains and gutters. It’s important to keep these clear too, however, as they can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Yard and Pool Maintenance: Without proper maintenance, your backyard pool can become an ideal breeding area for mosquitoes. Similarly, tall grasses, piles of leaves, and other yard debris can harbor mosquitoes. Keep your yard and pool clean and well maintained, and you’ll be one step closer to effective mosquito control.


How to Avoid Mosquito Bites

In addition to getting rid of standing water around the outside of your home, there are a few other things you can do to avoid getting mosquito bites as the weather warms up:

  • Use the right repellent: Pick an EPA-certified chemical repellent, and be sure to follow the directions carefully.
  • Avoid certain times of day: Mosquitoes are most active during dusk and dawn, so avoid being outside during these times.
  • Choose the right clothing: Light colored pants and long sleeve shirts can help protect you from bites.
  • Professional mosquito control: In addition to the above tips, professional mosquito control can dramatically reduce the mosquito population around your home.


Home Pest Control: Affordable, Professional Mosquito Control

While eliminating standing water, using mosquito repellent, and tidying up your yard can go a long way toward mosquito prevention, combining these tips with professional mosquito control is the best way to protect your family.

Home Pest Control’s Mosquito Protection Program will keep your home mosquito-free throughout the summer. 


March 31, 2020

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