What Is a Termite Bond?

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Everything You Need to Know About Termite Bonds

Of all the pests you might encounter here in South Carolina, few are as dangerous as termites. It’s not that termites can inflict painful stings or poisonous bites, of course. Rather, termites are dangerous because of the major threat they pose to your home.


A colony of termites in or around your home can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. This can include damage to your home’s structure and foundation, too, putting the structural integrity of your home at risk.

If you’re already dealing with a termite infestation, the solution is clear: you need home termite treatment from a professional pest control company. But what about preventative measures? Is there anything you can do to safeguard your home from termites?

Actually, there is. In addition to ongoing preventative pest control and an annual termite inspection, you can opt for a pest control plan that includes a termite bond. Keep reading to learn more.


What Is a Termite Letter?

Before we explain what a termite bond is, it’s helpful to point out that they’re often confused with a different (though related) document: a termite letter.

Simply put, a termite letter is a statement (typically provided by a professional pest control company) which confirms that your home has been inspected for termites, and which provides details related to the presence or absence of termites in your home. For example, a termite letter might conclude that your home has no termites present, and that there is no visible termite damage. Or, a termite letter may state that your home has suffered termite damage and provide details as to the extent of this damage.

Termite letters are often used during the home buying process to confirm or rule out the presence of termites and/or termite damage in a home.


What Is a Termite Bond?

While they’re sometimes confused with termite letters, termite bonds are different documents altogether.

A termite bond is part of an agreement between a pest control company and you, the homeowner. Typically, there are two parts to a termite bond.

First, the bond includes a termite contract, which stipulates that the pest control company will perform ongoing inspections (annually, quarterly, or at some other agreed upon interval) to check for termites. This is similar to any other pest control agreement.

What makes a termite bond unique is the second part. Since termite treatment on its own can be very expensive, termite bonds guarantee that the pest control company will provide termite control services to take care of any termites that are discovered, without any additional costs to the homeowner.

Termite bonds also sometimes include coverage for any damage caused to the home. At Home Pest Control, our Home Shield Termite Protection program includes up to $250,000 in termite damage coverage.


When Should I Get a Termite Bond?

If your home has been inspected and termites have been discovered, a termite bond may be your best option when it comes to termite control. This will allow you to get rid of the current infestation, and also provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you have ongoing protection in place against future damage.

Homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover termite damage. If you’re concerned about termites in or around your home and want to safeguard against potential damage, a termite bond can be an affordable option.


Learn More About Your Termite Control Options

Home Pest Control offers professional, effective, and environmentally friendly pest control services here in South Carolina.

Our Home Shield Termite Protection program gives you the peace of mind you need. It includes our termite colony elimination system, annual termite monitoring, and $250,000 in termite damage coverage with no deductible.

Want to safeguard your home against all types of pests? Our Home Shield Premier Protection program includes all of the services provided as part of our Termite Protection package, as well as spider web removal, fire ant control, and ongoing pest prevention.

Worried that you might have termites? Click here to schedule a termite inspection today.

Schedule a termite inspection today. Click to learn more!

October 14, 2019

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