Signs You May Have a Pest Problem

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Identifying a Pest Infestation Without Seeing the Culprit

A pest infestation is pretty low on the list of things any home or business owner wants to encounter, but, unfortunately, they do happen. While seeing a bug or rodent scurrying about is the easiest way to know you have a problem, pests are often incredibly sneaky, making their homes in the nooks and crannies of your property. 
To effectively deal with potential infestations, it is important to be aware of all of the ways pests can present themselves in their homes without being seen. Remember, whether you are dealing with ants, roaches, rats, or termites, the earlier you can get a professional to address an infestation, the better.
Read on to learn a few signs of a pest infestation so you can save time, energy, and a lot of money by taking care of the issue before the pests can do any serious damage. 



Strange Noises

Listen carefully, and you may hear pests in your home before you see them.  
Many rodents and bugs are more active at night, traveling under floorboards or inside walls, so don’t write off every strange noise you hear as your plumbing or heating system! Be particularly vigilant of any unexpected sounds coming from crawlspaces or attics; because they get little traffic, these areas are common hideouts for a number of different pests. 

Musky Odors

High-traffic areas that pests travel through, such as the kitchen or bathroom, may eventually start to have a distinct smell. 
Mice and other rodents tend to leave behind a musky odor or the hint of ammonia, while some people have described roaches as leaving behind an oily scent. If you catch a whiff of something unpleasant, be sure to investigate; finding the source of the stink could lead you to more concrete evidence of your unwanted guests.

Mysterious Damage

Keep your eyes peeled for any mysterious holes or bites in your belongings or on your walls. 
One of the tell-tale signs of a rodent infestation is the sudden appearance of bite-marks throughout your home. Mice and rat teeth never stop growing, so they constantly gnaw on things to wear them down. As a result, you might find chunks of things disappearing, such as wiring, insulation, wood, and even pipes! 
If you start to notice sagging floors or damaged wooden floors, termites could be at fault, as they tend to chew through the wood of your house’s infrastructure and like to chow down on antiques!


If pests are eating things inside your home they’re going to be leaving things behind, as well. While rodents will leave behind fairly obvious fecal matter, and any area they urinate in will have a distinct smell, bug droppings might be a bit harder to notice; most tend to leave what looks like ground coffee grounds. If you suspect termites, be on the lookout for small pellets that resemble balls of sawdust and note that they can also leave behind shed wings. The droppings of any pest can carry dangerous bacteria and other pathogens, so be sure to clean the contaminated area thoroughly.


After following any of the other signs, you’re likely to find the source of your pest infestation: their nest. 
Smell and sound are the easiest trails to follow, but it’s possible you may stumble upon a nest before noticing anything else. Most pests like to make their home in darker areas with less human activity, such as behind appliances or within your home’s infrastructure. If you do stumble across a nest, don’t try to handle it on your own; frightened animals are likely to bite or scurry away into some other area of your house. Instead, call a professional as soon as possible.

Pest Control In Columbia And Charleston

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August 9, 2021

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