Protect Your Home From Stink Bugs in Fall

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Keep Stink Bugs From Hiding in Your Home This Winter

Just when the ants, flies, and stinging insects of summer have begun to disappear, homeowners have a new pest to worry about—stink bugs! These stealthy creatures travel in packs, seeking shelter in homes to escape the cold. Learn more about these pests and how hiring a professional pest control service like Home Pest can help you eradicate the issue once and for all!


What is a Stink Bug?

The Brown marmorated stink bug hails from Asia but made its way to Allentown, PA by complete accident back in the early 2000s after hitching a ride in some packing crates. For several years, the south evaded these little stinkers by pure luck, but in 2011 ecology caught up with us as they made their grand entrance into South Carolina.

While these fall pests can be identified by their distinct shield shape, it’s their smell that will likely catch your attention first. In order to evade predators, stink bugs emit a foul odor that any reasonable living being would steer clear of. 


The Problem with Stink Bugs

As temperatures begin to drop, you may begin to see large gatherings of stink bugs on exterior surfaces or in your homes seeking shelter. It’s extremely important to catch them in the act, as they are very good at Hide and Seek and will likely stay put until spring once they find a good spot. 

Unlike many other pests, stink bugs don’t chew wood or cause any kind of property damage. While most species of stink bug will not bite or sting, the few who do bite are not poisonous. 

The biggest offense a stink bug causes humans comes from the liquid stink emitted when they are threatened or crushed. While you’re home smelling foul is enough to send anyone into a tizzy, the substance is an aeroallergen that can cause a burning sensation, rhinitis, or conjunctivitis when it comes in contact with skin. 

If a severe reaction occurs, contact a medical professional for assistance
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Removing Stink Bugs from Your Home

As noted, the stink of these bugs can cause big problems in your home, which is why it’s important to remove them very carefully, as not to smash the smell out of them. Since they travel in large populations, handling an infestation with the care needed is extremely difficult. 

The best defense against these putrid pests is preparation. Prevent stink bugs from getting into your home by sealing any cracks and crevices, specifically by windows and doors. Learn more about how to protect your home from pests when the weather gets cooler. 


Call Home Pest for Help

If stink bugs find their way into your home, professional help is the most efficient way to take care of the problem. Home Pest Control’s professional pest control technicians can safely get rid of stink bugs without making it smell like a stink bomb went off in your home.  

Home Pest’s Premier Protection Program offers year-round pest control services to make your pest problems a thing of the past. 

Schedule a pest control service now!

November 12, 2021

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