Keeping Your Yard Pest Free During Early Spring

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It’s that weird time of the year when one week it’s sunny and in the 70s, then all of a sudden it’s freezing for a couple of days. Aside from complicating our wardrobe choices, this weather is a sure sign that spring will be here early! 
While early spring means the dreariness of winter is soon to be replaced by flowers in bloom by the end of February, it also means spring pests are on their way! 

Act Early to Protect Your Family

  • As ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes return from their winter sabbatical, they bring the threat of itchy bites and serious diseases like Lyme disease, Zika virus, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever! The best way to protect your family from these threats is early prevention.
  • Most people think of summer when they think mosquitoes, but in the south, we know that waiting until the weather really warms up means a backyard full of buzzy blood-suckers. Scheduling your mosquito control service in March or April will save your family from a major issue when these pests take over the town. 
  • As the winter freeze thaws, your yard may be left with pools of stagnant water filling your flower pots, gardening tools, and birdbaths. Removing this water before the pests arrive will ensure that mosquitoes don’t have a place to hatch their eggs. 
  • Protect your furry family members from ticks and fleas by scheduling an appointment with the vet to ensure they’re updated on prevention medications.
  • Spring pests don’t stand a chance against Home Pest Control’s professional services. Contact us today to schedule your proactive, preventative treatment!  

Schedule a pest control service now!

January 25, 2022

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