Keep Mosquitoes Away All Season with Early Treatment

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It’s mosquito season in South Carolina

It may seem like yesterday that the pesky mosquitoes of South Carolina buzzed off for the winter, but the weather’s warming up, and that can only mean one thing: they’re back. 
Mosquito season is officially here, so from now until October, we can look forward to the faint smell of citronella and the distinct sound of a mosquito buzzing around our heads. But protecting your backyard from these dreaded pests doesn’t have to be a chore. Follow these easy tips to ensure a safe and mosquito-free summer. 

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How to Prepare for Mosquito Season

Remove Standing Water From Your Property

There’s nothing mosquitoes love more than stagnant water! Clean out pools, ponds, and birdbaths every few days and keep empty containers flipped upside down when not in use. Take a quick inventory of any holes or depressions in your yard or on your patio and fill them before water has a chance to pool.

Clean Your Gutters

Keep water flowing through your gutters by cleaning out any debris that may have gathered over the winter. 

Repair Any Tears in Your Window Screens

Make sure mosquitoes don’t find entry into your home by sealing any cracks in your house and patching tears in your window screens. If any of your windows don’t have screens, either install screens or keep the windows closed. 

Stock Up on an Effective Mosquito Repellent

DEET or no DEET, be sure to pick an EPA-certified chemical repellent, and follow the directions carefully.

Sign Up for Mosquito Service with Home Pest

While following the previous tips will surely decrease mosquito activity on your property, the only surefire way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to schedule Home Pest’s mosquito prevention service. 

Mosquito Control from Home Pest

Starting at $70/month plus an initial cost of $70, our mosquito control program includes a detailed inspection along with a pet-safe odorless treatment that will keep your backyard pest-free so you can spend more time enjoying time outside with your family. Here’s more detail on how our mosquito reduction service works.
If you’ve never received our mosquito service before, now’s the time to start. New mosquito control customers receive a free month of service! Learn more. 

Schedule your mosquito service today!

The more proactive you are in treating your property, the more effective you’ll be in preventing mosquitoes. Get on the books now to keep your property an enjoyable bug-free zone this mosquito season. 
Our pest control services provide safe and reliable mosquito control from Upstate through the Midlands, and all the way to Coastal South Carolina

Sign up for our proven mosquito prevention service today.

March 1, 2021

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