Home Pest Control’s IPM Services Benefit Homes with Pest Problems

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a set of processes that work together to free homes, farms, crops and open habitat from pest penetration. The method involves using sustainable methods that use the least amount of potentially harmful chemical solutions.

If your home happens to be the victim pest infestation, IPM service may be the right choice for you.

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How Does the Integrated Pest Management Program Work?


The first thing involved in IPM is to assess the penetration levels of the pests in a home through a careful survey. The survey involves identification of the types of pests inhabiting the home currently, and the source of possible future infestations.  Once the professional inspects and assesses the present level of pests, they can then move on to providing the right solution.

An onsite survey is essential to understand the location, environment, hazards, pest families, and the kind of treatment that will work best. A thorough site survey means vigilantly assessing if bugs are present. The pest professional will look for cracks and holes in the walls, pest droppings and other signs to trace their habitat. Extreme penetration can cause serious health hazards.


Monitoring pest activity can help understand what triggers the increase in home infestation.  Using suitable monitoring traps can help curb the speed of infiltration. Pest exterminators use professional devices to entice and trap insects. The number of pests caught in a monitoring trap allows inspectors to gauge the level of infestation, therefore helping them to watch and control the activity of the bugs.

Monitoring pest activity also helps to analyze the size, type and breed of insects. Pest controllers use chemical free solutions and other methods to trace, trap and understand pest activity to provide a pest free environment to customers.


When Nothing Works

In extreme pest infiltration cases, where monitoring and use of other environmental friendly options to control pests are exhausted, chemical solutions are used as the last resort. It is important to remember that the chemical solutions selected are on the basis of least exposure to humans, animals and plants. The pesticides used come in various forms; the type that best fits for your case will be selected by the professional exterminator for best results. The IPM system works to ensure that pest control is done in an effective and efficient way with little hazard to the ecosystem, people, animals and plants.

Home Pest Control has been providing professional pest control services in Columbia, Lexington, Charleston, and Summerville and surrounding areas for over fifty years. Along with Integrated Pest Management, they offer a variety of pest, termite, mosquito, and flea and pest control services.

November 30, 2017

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