How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

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Mosquito Control: Your Guide to an Itch Free Summer

Spring is a great time to start thinking about mosquito prevention so that you’re prepared as soon as the first warm day arrives. But even if you haven't given mosquito control any thought come summertime, it's not too late.


Many people don’t plan their mosquito defense, and end up enjoying their summer less because of it. But it’s not hard to be prepared. Read these 7 tips and show those mosquitoes that you’re not one to mess with!

1. Pick an Effective Repellent

Know what you’re looking for when you go shopping for an effective mosquito repellent. Check out the labels before you just grab and go. You’re looking for a repellent with an EPA certified chemical in it, such as DEET or Picaridin. EPA certification demonstrates that the chemical has been approved for its efficacy as well as its safety. As long as the directions for the individual chemical are followed correctly, these repellents should be safe for all people, including children, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

2. Avoid the Outdoors During Peak Biting Hours

We all love a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, dawn and dusk are the most popular feeding times for mosquitoes. If you just can’t resist that cotton-candy colored sky, make sure that your skin is well protected with layers or repellent. The safest thing to do is to stay inside during these hours. You can always enjoy the sunset through the window!

3. Get Rid of Any Standing Water

Still water is a mosquito’s favorite place to spawn. To make sure that you’re not providing breeding grounds for your local mosquitoes, make sure that there isn’t any standing water on your property. This involves storing gardening tools such as wheelbarrows upside-down, and preferably under cover. If you have a birdbath, you should replace the water every few days. Implement water circulation in any ponds if you can, and clean out your gutters so that they don’t collect water. Make a habit of walking around your property weekly to make sure that there aren’t any toys, flower pots, tires, or other objects collecting water. Remember: mosquitoes are tiny, and their breeding grounds may be too!

4. Opt for Lighter Colored Clothing, Longs Sleeves, and Pants

If it’s not too hot out, throwing on some loose pants and a long sleeve shirt creates an impenetrable boundary between your skin and a mosquito. Be aware that woven, loose-fitting fabrics are best. Mosquitoes can bite right through tight shirts and pants made of lightweight materials.

Your color choice matters, too. Darker colors absorb more heat, and mosquitoes like heat! Wearing lighter fabrics will keep you cooler and make you less attractive to mosquitoes. 

5. Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Home

It’s one thing to get mosquito bites when you’re outside, and it’s another to wake up with them! Make sure that your home remains a safe, mosquito-free zone, where you can wear what you please without having to worry about insect bites. Repair holes or rips in any of your screens, never leave doors or windows open longer than you need to, and use air conditioning to create a cool environment that’s uncomfortable to mosquitoes.

6. Use Fans at Outdoor Gatherings

Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes seem to disappear on windy days? With their lightweight bodies, mosquitoes have trouble flying in winds faster than 1 mile/ hour. If you’re planning an outdoor party or cook out, there’s bound to be a few people that arrive unprepared. Using a few fans outside will simulate a windy day and create a cool, insect-free environment for your gathering.

7. Professional Mosquito Control

Insect-proofing your house, removing standing water, and taking other measures to keep away mosquitoes may seem overwhelming. Your goal is to keep as many mosquitoes off of your property as possible, while avoiding the use of chemicals that can harm your family or your pets. Repeat visits from someone with mosquito experience is often the safest route. Consult a professional to develop the best mosquito control plan for you.

Your Solution: Home Pest Control

The Home Pest Control mosquito prevention service is safe for the environment and for your health. If you want to enjoy your summer to the fullest, contact Home Pest Control and we’ll develop a personalized mosquito control plan for your property. 

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February 14, 2019

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