How Our Mosquito Control Program Works

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Learn More About Our Professional Mosquito Control and Prevention Program

Here in South Carolina, we have our fair share of pests to contend with. In the northern part of the United States, long, cold winters and low humidity contribute to a reduced pest population. But South Carolina’s hot, humid summers and short, mild winters create the perfect conditions for pests -- especially mosquitoes.

home pest mosquito program

When it comes to mosquito control, some homeowners opt for a DIY approach. While this may make sense in other areas of the country, South Carolina residents are typically better served by choosing a professional mosquito control company.

Home Pest Control is proud to offer a comprehensive Mosquito Protection Program, customized to meet your individual needs. Below, we’ll take a look at how our mosquito control program works, along with some tips on mosquito prevention and how to get rid of mosquitoes.


How Our Mosquito Control Program Works

Home Pest Control’s Mosquito Protection Program is the best choice for homeowners looking to protect their home from mosquitoes. Our eco-friendly mosquito control and prevention program is highly effective and affordable. Just as importantly, it’s safe for your family and pets. Plus, our service is guaranteed.

Here’s how our program works:

  • First, one of our highly trained technicians will arrive at your home and discuss the pest issue you’re experiencing. They’ll check to find out if you have any edible plants (including fruit trees, berry bushes, and vegetables) around the outside of your home, and ensure that any children’s and/or pet toys are safely removed from the area before treatment begins.
  • Next, they’ll place mosquito larvicide -- a specially designed treatment product which targets mosquito larvae before they hatch -- in the appropriate spots around the outside of your home.
  • Finally, they’ll treat the area around the outside of your home with our eco-friendly mosquito insecticide.

Our mosquito control program greatly reduces the mosquito population around your home, lasting up to 25 days. If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in the number of mosquitoes on your property after a week, we’ll come back for a retreatment -- guaranteed.


Mosquito Prevention Tips

In addition to professional mosquito control, there are some simple steps you can take at home to cut down on the number of mosquitoes you encounter. The key is to eliminate sources of standing water around your home. Without standing water, mosquitoes won’t be able to breed. Sources of standing water can include:

  • Plastic containers and potholes
  • Birdbaths and water gardens (replace this water frequently)
  • Unused wheelbarrows (turn these upside down)
  • Boats and kayaks (cover these with tarps)
  • Clogged gutters
  • Outdoor garbage cans


Mosquito Control Pricing

Our Mosquito Protection Service pricing will vary depending on the size of your property and starts at just $60 per month. In addition to monthly mosquito control, we also offer one-time services for outdoor events, including weddings, parties, family reunions, and more.

To learn more about our mosquito control pricing or to get a free quote, click here.


Professional Mosquito Control

Home Pest Control’s Mosquito Protection Program combined with sensible at-home mosquito prevention is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquitoes.


March 31, 2020

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