Rodent Control is Mandatory for Home Owners

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There are various forms of pests that can contaminate homes and home owners must be aware of their presence. The most common problem that is encountered by a majority of the residents of the United States is rodent infestation.

When there are rats or mice in a home, they can squeeze into places where food items are kept and cause serious health issues. In order to make sure that the rodent infestation is immediately addressed, check for these signs:

  1. Rodent droppings are signs of their presence and they can be easily spotted in locations where food is stored, especially the pet food. Some other places are along the walls, in cupboards, under the sink or on top of beams or wall studs.

  2. Places that rodents make their homes in are old furniture, barns and sheds with stored boxes and storage rooms.

  3. Nests of rodents can be found in the sheltered areas near water and food. They tend to make their nests from materials that are either warm, fuzzy or soft, like dry grass, shredded pepper, fabrics or stuffing in furniture.

  4. If the food containers or boxes appear to have been nibbled, then look for droppings around them. Plastic bags should not be used for food storage, as rodents can easily chew the plastic.

When any of the above mentioned signs are found in your home, it means that the services of Home Pest Control are necessary. Home Pest Control is a trusted company that will make sure that the problem at hand is resolved with perfection. Our trained experts will inspect your home so that the root cause can be identified. For instance, there can be holes in the doors or windows where these rodents gain entrance and our professionals will service the area appropriately.

The potential dangers from rodent infestations are that they can cause allergic reactions among family members and cause damage by chewing on insulation, paper, electrical wiring and wood. The rodent control treatment should be performed so that the damage can be minimized and the home can remain safe and clean for the owners.


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November 26, 2017

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