Mosquito Control for a Healthy and Safe Home

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Keep Your Family Safe From Mosquitoes

Most people are concerned about controlling pest infestation problems they encounter inside their homes. In South Carolina, we’re especially concerned with controlling those pesky mosquitoes that show up right when the weather starts getting warmer. Mosquitoes are commonly found bringing misery to those trying to enjoy picnic spots, backyard barbecues, and other outdoor locations. While they’re known for their itchy, annoying bites, did you know that they’re also the deadliest insect on the planet? 

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The Deadliest Insect On The Planet

Mosquitoes may be small enough to escape detection until it’s too late, but the bites they leave behind can be lethal. Mosquitoes are known to carry a number of dangerous diseases including West Nile virus, malaria, and encephalitis, as well as a variety of parasites. These tiny creatures can also carry heartworm, which can be deadly for pets. In fact, more than one million people around the world die from illnesses carried by mosquitoes every year. Learn more about mosquito-borne illnesses.

At-Home Mosquito Prevention 

Enjoy the summer season, with these tips for keeping insects away from your home:
  1. Address areas that collect water. Plastic containers, pot holes, and other objects that catch rainwater are mosquito magnets. 
  2. Replace the water in outdoor features like birdbaths and water gardens frequently. 
  3. Keep wheelbarrows and planters turned upside down when not in use. 
  4. Make sure that boats are covered with tarps.
  5. Keep gutters clean at all times and make sure rainwater does not accumulate around them.  
  6. Add drainage holes to outdoor garbage cans for water to drain out. 

Home Pest Professional Mosquito Control

Remember, there are a few simple things you, the homeowner, can do to help reduce the mosquito population around your home this mosquito season. Sometimes these efforts alone are not enough and you need help from Home Pest Control. 

Our minimally invasive and environmentally friendly Mosquito Protection Service eliminates adult mosquito nesting and breeding sites. Give your family the protection it needs while enjoying your great outdoors!

Sign up for our proven mosquito prevention service today.

December 6, 2017

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