Eco-friendly Termite Control That Really Works

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Use Environmentally Friendly Pest Control to Protect Your Home From Destruction

The protection of your home is our number one priority. Here at Home Pest Control, all of our pest professionals are trained to use the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, the most popular and environmentally friendly termite control system around. Termite control used to require spaying your lawn with chemicals which seeped into the ground and could contaminate water sources. Sentricon® takes an alternative approach, employing a series of contained bait locations which are safe for your kids and pets (and won’t contaminate local drinking water). Sentricon requires little maintenance, but keeps your home safe from destructive termites.


The Incredible Benefits of Sentricon: Eco-friendly Pest Control for Termites

Termites can cause irreparable structural damage to your home, and they’re a serious problem in every state except Alaska. Luckily, you can find a certified Sentricon® agent in your area. Here in South Carolina, Home Pest Control can help! While some termite control systems simply manage your termite population, Sentricon® wipes out the entire colony.


Termites are much too serious of an issue for you to try your hand at eliminating yourself. All Sentricon® specialists must go through extensive training before becoming certified. You can rest assured that any Sentricon® Certified specialist knows what they’re doing.

The magic of Sentricon® lies in the fact that termites actually prefer this poison to the taste of your home. This termite control system works by drawing them away from your home. They then ingest a bait that’ll wipe out their entire colony.


How the Sentricon System Works

sentriconA Sentricon® specialist will inspect your property and determine the best locations for the self-contained bait stations. These stations will be placed in your lawn around your property. All you’ll see are a few small green circles in the ground. These are the tops of the Sentricon® stations: they blend in well with the color of the grass, and they must be opened with a key, so they’re inaccessible to any curious pets or toddlers.

Sentricon® stations will begin working immediately once placed in the ground. Termites will detect the presence of an appetizing treat, and make their way over to the Sentricon® station. Hungry termites will take the Recruit® HD bait back to their colony, and once they’ve ingested the bait they’ll no longer be able to reproduce. The active ingredient in Sentricon® is noviflumuron, a compound which impedes their ability to molt, causing death to the colony.

Sentricon® will eliminate any current termite populations, as well as prevent new ones from establishing on your property. A Sentricon® specialist will simply check your stations periodically to refill with bait. Home Pest Control is always available to address concerns or answer questions concerning Sentricon® installation and upkeep.


Sentricon: Your Green Termite Solution

Using Sentricon® to secure your property against termites requires fewer service visits. That saves you time and money. Plus, it reduces the number of trips that a service professional has to make out to your home, thus reducing fossil fuel use.

Using Sentricon® on your property eliminates the need for liquid termite treatments that can contaminate nearby water sources. You’re keeping your local ecosystems healthy and your drinking water safe when you choose Sentricon® over a liquid pesticide treatment.

The-Sentricon-System-300x153Additionally, Sentricon® has received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. This accolade from the US Environmental Protection Agency is a clear indication of Sentricon’s environmental friendliness. The award recognizes that Sentricon® is responsibly designed, manufactured, and regulated through the Sentricon® specialist certification.

All of this means that Sentricon® is safe for your family, your pets, and the environment. When you choose Sentricon®, you choose to protect your home and family from termites the environmentally friendly way. Sentricon has been used to protect more than 4 million homes in the US.


Home Pest Control: Protect Your Home and Family with Sentricon

Here at Home Pest Control, we’re always thinking about the environment. No matter what type of pest you’re battling, you can be sure that our solution will be both effective and environmentally friendly. At the same time, we offer pest control solutions that are affordable, long lasting, and safe for your family.

We’re especially proud of our termite task force, all of whom are certified Sentricon® specialists. Our termite specialists are ready to help you protect your home from unintended guests. Here in South Carolina, you may be at risk for termites without knowing it. Learn more about our Home Shield Protection Programs for termites and other pests here.

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March 13, 2019

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