DIY Pest Control: What We Really Think

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Environmentally Friendly Pest Control That Actually Works

Keeping your your home environment clear of harmful insects can be a challenge. No matter how hard you try to check your screens for cracks, put mosquito-donuts in your pond, or ensure that you clean up around the kitchen and keep food off your counters, you may end up with a pest infestation that needs urgent attention.


Many people’s first inclinations when looking for a solution to their pest problem is to find the least invasive, most natural solution possible. This is understandable, as there are a lot of chemicals on the market that can cause severe health issues when used improperly. That being said, pest professionals across the board agree that many DIY methods are ineffective and unsafe.

This may come as a surprise to those that prefer to take the DIY route whenever possible. After all, won’t a DIY method save you time, money, and energy? Isn’t self application the only way to make sure that you’re not dousing your living space in dangerous chemicals? The answer to these questions is a resounding no. DIY methods are often quite ineffective. They won't wipe out the entire pest colony, and therefore require multiple applications. A professional pest control company can take care of your pest problem in one go, all while using environmentally responsible pest control methods.

 Learn more about how to pest-proof your home with this free checklist.

DIY Pest Control is More Expensive in the Long Run

Why do people sometimes choose the DIY route over professional pest control? You’ll often hear that DIY methods can save you cash. The truth is that DIY or natural methods are often much more expensive than professional pest control. Why? They hardly ever wipe out an entire colony in the first go, thus requiring multiple applications.

The truth is, the average consumer is not a pest control professional. How confident are you that spreading diatomaceous earth or vinegar around your floorboards is going to get rid of your flea problem? Getting rid of pest issues yourself will require a lot of trial and error -- and that translates to a lot of wasted time and money trying to find the right chemical, the correct application rate, and so on.

Chemicals that you can buy over the counter may advertise themselves as being effective, and it’s true that they may kill off some of the pests that you're after. Sadly, these chemicals typically can’t wipe out an entire colony. Pest professionals know how to target the correct insects in the right location, ensuring that every last member of the colony is exterminated in an efficient manner. When you hire a pest professional, you don’t have to worry about reapplying chemicals repeatedly.


DIY Pest Control is Unsafe

Professional pest specialists get a bad rap. The common but false assumption is that pest control companies use unnecessary amounts of chemicals in order to control your pest issue. In reality, though, modern pest professionals are using healthy and environmentally friendly pest control at an increasing rate. Here in South Carolina, Home Pest Control uses safe, environmentally friendly pest control methods.

When you choose to tackle a pest problem on your own, you accept a high level of risk. You’re responsible for properly applying chemicals or noxious substances in the correct areas in and around your home. Improper use of bleach, vinegar, or patented chemicals may have serious negative health effects for the people and pets that come in contact with them.


Professional Pest Control Saves You Time and Worry

Using DIY methods to eradicate pest populations in your home requires committing hours upon hours of your time. Whichever method you choose, you have to read a fair amount to make sure that you’re taking the correct approach. Once you’re finished with your research, you have to purchase the correct products, determine the right application rate, and apply the chemical to the appropriate areas. Most DIY methods require that you block off entire sections of your home or yard for days at a time. Additionally, DIY pest control is hardly ever successful the first time and will likely require several reapplications.

By contrast, all it takes to hire an equipped pest specialist is a quick phone call. The pest professionals at Home Pest Control have all gone through extensive training in insect life cycles, environmental sustainability, and safe, controlled pesticide application. Our expertise saves you time and energy so that you can spend it doing the things that matter to you. Leave pest control to the professionals.


DIY Methods Do Not Include Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans eliminate pests in the present while ensuring that they don’t come back in the future. A professional trained in environmentally responsible pest control will devise a custom plan that’s suited to your home, your family’s habits, and the climate you live in.

IPM plans require an investigative approach taken by a trained professional. A proper IPM plan will emphasize targeted use of chemicals to eliminate pests with the smallest impact on your home environment.


DIY Methods are Reactive, Not Proactive

A pest specialist won’t just eliminate your current pest worries. They’ll also work with you to develop a proactive plan for the future. An analysis of your property will include suggestions for small structural changes you can make -- such as windows and screens that can be repaired -- as well as an evaluation of standing water and possible insect food sources. You may be attracting insects into your home without realizing it. A pest professional can help you make the necessary changes to avoid future pest problems.


Home Pest Control: Eco-friendly Pest Control For Your Home and Property

It’s easy to assume that solving a problem on your own will save you time and money. But when you add up the figures and consider the time and risk involved with DIY pest control, it becomes clear that hiring a professional is the better and safer choice.

No one wants to gamble with their family’s health or cause undue harm to the environment. Using pesticides to eliminate potentially dangerous pests is a job best left to trained professionals. Call Home Pest Control today and ask us about our environmental stewardship and safety initiatives. We’re transparent about our methods, and we work hard to stay up to date on the safest and most environmentally friendly pest control choices for your family.

Ready to get your home ready for a pest-free spring and summer? Click here to download our free pest-proofing checklist full of environmentally friendly pest control tips!

Learn more about how to pest-proof your home with this free checklist.

March 13, 2019

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