4 Tips To Prevent and Get Rid of Cockroaches In Your Home

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Roaches are universally hated around the globe. While mostly a nuisance, they do invite some risks and issues into your home. Cockroaches can contaminate food, spread disease, and trigger allergies in sensitive individuals. And while a dirty home isn’t the reason for all roach infestations, cockroaches do bring about a notion of dirt or poor hygiene, making it something homeowners may try to treat themselves to avoid discussing it with a professional. That being said, cockroaches are tough to get rid of and they are extremely common pests here in South Carolina,  so it's important for you to know what steps you should take to prevent roaches from infesting your home.



1. Eliminate food and water sources.

A bug’s main priorities in life are to eat and to reproduce. If your home is providing them with a reliable source of food or shelter, they’re bound to take an interest. As such, it’s important to clean up any food laying about. Open packages, overflowing trash, and even certain permeable containers need to be addressed immediately.

Another important change to make if you’re dealing with a roach infestation is to limit the eating to one room of the house. It can be tempting to take a bag of chips into the living room or the bedroom when you’re watching a movie, but this can leave a trail of crumbs that cockroaches will detect in a second. Consider limiting food consumption to one room, or else be diligent about cleaning up after yourself.

2. Clean up your area.

Top to bottom, you need to clean if you’re trying to prevent cockroaches. Clean all of your kitchen appliances - behind, under, in between. Yes, even the refrigerator. Empty your cabinets and clean them out. Wipe down the counters with disinfectant every night. Over the years, grease and buildup get left in your kitchen, and all of this is perfectly edible to a roach.

It doesn’t stop in the kitchen. Clean up pet food dishes, water dishes, and litter boxes daily. Vacuum as much as possible. Get a trash can with a tight lid. You may even consider keeping it outside. It may sound excessive, but roaches are one of the toughest, most invasive pests that can enter a home, so you must be persistent.

No matter the season, our spring cleaning checklist was designed with pest prevention in mind. Check out the spring cleaning checklist here.

3. Keep up with any pressing maintenance concerns around your home.

Roaches like wet, decomposing dwelling places. A leaky or broken pipe would supply a perfect home for a colony of roaches to settle. Broken roof shingles or cracks around your foundation may serve as points of entry for a roach. Consider inspecting your home for any maintenance concerns and have them fixed in a timely manner to help get rid of roaches in your home.

4. Declutter your home.

Bugs are bad enough when they keep a distance, but it’s even worse when they startle you amidst a pile of books or an old box. A fun little fact about roaches is that they put off pheromones that tell others in the colony that they’ve found a place to live, so they can follow one another’s scent. Before long, your old boxes in the attic are a breeding ground for pests.

Don’t make it easy for cockroaches to hide in your home. Try out some of these tips to prevent cockroaches. Not only will you deter roaches and other pests from settling, but a clean house always feels nice

These are all good practices to get into the habit of, but cockroaches won’t be stopped completely by a clean house. Roaches are one of the hardest bugs to completely eliminate. Your most effective method of roach control is to contact a pest control expert like Home Pest Control Check out our pricing, and give us a call or fill out our contact form to schedule a service!

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September 30, 2020

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