Mission And History

For over 55 years our customers have trusted us for the very best in pest protection.

Mission And History


Protecting What Matters

At Home Pest Control, our mission is simple. We believe in Protecting What Matters—your family, your health, and your home.


As the protector of your family and home, you really need peace of mind. And while we can’t give you that for every part of your life, our pest control services assure that you have safe, reliable, pest, termite, and mosquito control; allowing you to get on with the other important elements of your life.  



We Have A History Of Personalized Service To The Communities We Serve. 

We’re locally owned and operated and have been serving South Carolinians for over 55 years. What that means is we’ve been here for you, we are here for you, and we will be here for you for many years to come.


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