Safe Pest Control

Being environmentally responsible, and providing only safe pest control, is our practice and our mission.

Environmentally Safe Pest Control

Good Stewards Of The Environment

Part of our mission is to be good stewards of the environment, that's why we only use environmentally sensitive, EPA registered products.


Pest prevention used to mean the application of pesticides to eliminate pests. Not anymore. New methods have been developed to successfully eliminate target pests with the lowest impact on non-target pests and the environment. We continue moving forward to create the next level of effective pest control; a solution based on your family and the environment.



Trusted Partners

We work with several partners to ensure not only the safety of your home and business owners but also other pests, gardens, and the environment.



Pollinator Health is important to us. We are committed to and support our bee population by using application methods that promote bee health. Bayer Bee Care and Pollinator Health are trusted resources that we look to for resources and education.  







Green-Based Solutions To Termite Problems 

The Sentricon® System is the only termite control product to have ever been awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award by the US EPA. 


This award is a government-issued environmental award recognizing technical innovation that incorporates environmentally responsible chemistry into its design, manufacture, and use. Why is it a greener solution? Because the active material in the baiting stations is contained and removable if necessary. Other pest control options use liquid chemicals, which absorb into the ground, affecting your land, your plants, and the foundation of your home itself. They can't be removed without extensive drilling, trenching, or digging that must be reinstigated as the insecticide breaks down. The Sentricon® System has a low impact on human health, low toxicity to organisms that it does not target (fish, birds, plants, etc) and low potential to contaminate groundwater.